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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Happy New Year to those near and far, welcome to my first blog post! This is where I'll be re-capping details from any and everything, whether it's a new brunch spot, a cute outfit or new lifestyle trend! I've always wanted to create a blog but was always hesitant, I'd always question -- who do I think I am, do I even have anything valuable to share? But after reading a bunch of inspirational meme's on Instagram, I figured, what do I really have to lose, so here I am! For those of you who followed me under @booksbybindi the books are still coming! Fun Fact: I'm a self published author, who loves penguins and created a whole book about a special penguin, called Mr. Penguin! So if you're familiar with Good Morning Mr. Penguin just know you can still purchase copies in the 'Store' tab. One of my new years resolution is to stop being lazy and complete the second book in the series, wish me LUCK! I hope you all enjoy following me on this journey, be sure to comment and follow me on Instagram @withlovefrombindi !

With Love,


Shirt: SHEIN

Belt: Gucci

Bag: Saint Laurent

Shoes: Zara

Earrings and Jeans: Amazon

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