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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Hello February and good morning (or maybe it's not a "good" morning if you lost a Super Bowl bet.) Today I wanted to share with you all a makeup gadget I recently tried out and thought I should share. Before I begin, let me admit that this was gifted to me from my husband sometime last year, I didn't actually purchase it myself, and it wasn't until recently that I actually tried using it. When it comes to cleaning makeup brushes, it seems like the most tedious task in the world. Who actually wants to sit down and clean every single brush? Definitely not me, which is why I end up buying new ones to avoid the entire task all together. If you've read some of my previous blogs, you might see a "pattern" with me, in simple words, I'm lazy. But who isn't?! Anyways, to fix this issue, I was gifted with an electronic brush cleaner! The same exact item I have is currently unavailable, but there are tons of variations that do the exact same thing, you can find one here. This set comes with a small bowl, a cleaning mat, eight (8) different sized collars that fit different sized brushes, and an electronic brush spinner (you'll need batteries for this).

The brush cleaning process is easy, fill the bowl with water and add your preferred cleaning solution. I used the Aesthetica Pro-Series Brush Cleanser and Conditioner . Attach the collar that matches your brush and insert that into the electronic spinner (make sure the brush is secured correctly into the collar.) You then place the brush into the water and turn the spinner on! It's pretty cool to watch the brush spin and even cooler (and kinda gross) to see how dirty the water gets. It also makes you think "wow, I've been using that on my face." There are two different methods to drying the brushes that I've used. One method is simply placing your brushes over a towel on the edge of a table and letting it air dry overnight. Another cool method is spinning the brush outside of the water, in the air, after 30 seconds the brush should be dry and back to normal!

I tried these two different drying methods with two of my powder brushes, my most used brushes. I can honestly say both brushes were cleaned perfectly and were in perfect condition after drying. I'd give this little gadget a 10 out of 10, definitely would recommend! If you want to see my entire brush cleaning process, check out my video on @withlovefrombindi !

What do you use to clean your makeup brushes? Do you have a specific regimen? Let me know in the comments!

With Love,

From Bindi

Disclaimer: some of the links in this post are affiliate links, if you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. Please note, I am an independent blogger and the reviews are done based on my own opinions.

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