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Happy Monday Everyone! Just like that, we are in the middle of July. I'm not even shocked by how fast this year is flying by anymore. I finally got my July Boxycharm and wanted to share it with you all! I never posted my June box and that was when I got my BoxyLuxe (which was 8 full sized products), I've realized I've been lazy and need to get my life together. Any-who, let's get into this months box!

ACE BEAUTE -Bronzed in Paradise Palette

I'll admit, when I saw "Ace Beaute" I instantly thought "not another palette, but I was happy to see it was a bronzer. While I don't often use bronzer, nor know what it's used for, I used it as a contour palette instead. This pallet is described as four bronzer shades featured to provide a natural sun kissed look.

MSRP - $30.00

Clean Skin Club - Vitamin C Brightening Booster

This brightening Booster brightens the complexion for glowing skin, protects against UV damage, and helps reduce signs of aging. What I've started to look forward to more than ever are BoxyCharm's skincare products, they never miss a beat! You can add a few drops to your night cream or moisturizer or use solely as a serum. I used this last night after removing makeup and it felt great!

MSRP - $49.95

Studio Makeup - Endurance Cream Shadow

While this shadow is super cute, I most likely won't be using it often. Mainly because I almost never wear eyeshadow, and also because I'm not a fan of cream shadows. I'll probably play around with it one day when I'm trying to do a TikTok video though!

MSRP: $25.00

Alamar Cosmetics - Birthday Suit Lip Gloss

This gloss is actually limited edition and sold out on the website. In honor of Alamar's two year anniversary, the "birthday suit" title seems fitting. Application is easy, the scent is amazing and it's super smooth.

MSRP: $30.00

The Creme Shop - Next Gen Blender Set

I love a good blending sponge, but how often do you guys switch out your sponges? I'm still working through my previous set of sponges received from a previous BoxyCharm box so this set will have to wait at some time before being used.

MSRP: $22.00

Were you guys happy with your box this month? What did you get, or what did you wish you got? I kinda wished I got the setting spray, thats something I'd definitely use. If you haven't subscribed to BoxyCharm yet, check out my previous blogs that walk you through the details of this subscription service, and feel free to use my referral code Bindhya-LQYICGRN ! Have a great week!

With Love,

From Bindi

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