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Do you ever have the urge to buy a new outfit anytime you have to attend an event? You think to yourself “I can’t be caught wearing the same thing twice” but that's where you’re wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing something more than once. We need to get ourselves out of the toxic habit of thinking we need to buy something new, every single time, because we actually don’t need it at all.

I had a very bad habit of always wanting a new outfit for every occasion, even when my closet was already packed to capacity, with things I had only worn once. I would do multiple donation hauls, every year, because I'd constantly shop for new things. I’m now slowly trying my best to simply re-wear things, while styling it differently. Believe it or not, the way you style an outfit makes all the difference. By switching up your hair, shoes or accessories, you can transform one outfit into an entirely different look!

I just wanted to share with you guys a few of my favorite outfits that I reworked, but in different ways! Finding versatile pieces will make it easy to re-wear for different occasions.

Probably not shocking, but I only wore this SHEIN dress for pictures the first time around. I never actually wore it somewhere. This past weekend I wore it and paired it with some cute brown booties. I was obsessed with this dress when I wore it "just because" last year, and fell in love all over again with it this past weekend. Also how different does it look when you switch up the vampy lip with a nude?

Kind of crazy how much hair makes a difference? I wore this Cher Horowitz-esq dress last year with stockings, booties and paired it with a leather jacket. For our trip to Queens County Farm I wore it again, but this time without the stockings [thank God because it was super hot] along with faux snakeskin booties from Go Jane!

This top from SHEIN was one of my favorites [seeing these pictures are making me wonder where the heck it is]. It was super versatile, pair it with a leather skirt for Girls Night Out, or pair it with ripped jeans for an easy brunch look.

I was obsessed with this Top Knot and Palazzo Pant set from Boohoo but knew it wasn't the type of set you could rewear twice. Then one day when I was struggling to find a brunch outfit [because I waited last minute] I paired the top knot shirt with a leather skirt and BOOM brunch here we come!

Everyone needs that perfect pair of overalls. I believed I absolutely needed some overalls for my trip to Nashville and loved how well it looked with a crop top. The thing was, I bought it specifically for Nashville and had no intentions of re-wearing it. I ended up using it as a cover-up when I went to the Dominican Republic the following year and loved how perfect it went with my bathing suit.

This super cute white jumpsuit was from Charlotte Russe [cue nostalgic high school memories]. I wore it once while on vacation and hadn't touched it since, until I was desperate for a chic spring look for dinner at Serra by Bierreria. I paired it with cinderella heels and a blush duster. This turned out to be one of my all time favorite photos and outfits. I'm so happy I didn't just donate this one! it was something I literally thought I could only wear on vacation [I pinned the top to make it less revealing too].

To sum it all up, let's stop forcing the idea that we can't rewear outfits! Let's stop thinking its cliche and make a habbit to get our moneys worth out of quality pieces! Take time to invest in the clothing you purchase and shop around for alternate items that can be paired well with things you already have.

Hope this helps you think twice the next time you have a date. CLOSE THE BROWSER and check your closet!

With Love,

From Bindi

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