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Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well! With this quarantine going on, I'm finding more time than ever before, to indulge in things I didn't have time for. A lot of you asked for a tutorial on how I was able to get a full head of natural looking curls, so I'm here to share my secret!

In order to get this look you simply need a wand with a super thin barrel. For my hair I used an interchangeable wand set, that I got for Christmas! You can purchase this set here. The wand that I used out of this set was the 0.3-0.75 barrel. If you don't care to have more wands than you need, feel free to purchase a standalone wand that is similar or even smaller, I heard the chopstick curling wand is also perfect for this look. You can purchase one here.

Anywho, creating this look is simple. I did it the day after I washed my hair, I didn't use any product because my hair holds curls well, but feel free to use any hair product that you normally use before applying heat to you hair. I then sectioned off my hair into halves. Basically a top-half and bottom-half and I broke those portions into halves as well. In order to get this look perfect, you need to make sure you're holding the wand against your hair for at least 6-8 seconds, long enough so that when you let go of the strand, it forms a ringlet. It took me about thirty minutes to do my entire head of hair and once I was done my hair length went from a little under my chest to right above my chest after all the curling.

Once the curling process was over, I simply ran my fingers through the curls, opening them into smaller sections, but making sure I didn't flatten my hair. After I was done, the curls were still a bit tight and shorter than I wanted it to be, but I knew through the day it would eventually drop. If you want your curls to stay tight and short, be sure to spray a lot of hairspray!

The last time I did these curls, I did them the night before work, I wrapped my hair and then opened the curls in the morning. By the morning my hair was also a bit more relaxed, so when I opened the curls, they fell exactly how I wanted them to.

I actually love this look because I've always wanted to have curly hair and even considered perming it once, but I was advised not to. So this was pretty much the next best thing. Hope you guys like the little video I created on Instagram that captured this process, be sure to like and comment!

Until next time, hugs and kisses from 6 feet away!

With love,

From Bindi

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