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Happy Friday everyone! It's the first Friday of Be Nice to Bindi Month and my besties birthday! These are the things that I look forward to in the month of March! With March being packed with events means me (as usual) waiting last minute to get an outfit. So today I wanted to share with you one of my unconventional obsessions - Amazon Prime!

Yep, some of my favorite outfits are from Amazon! I know, I know, you're probably thinking "I thought Amazon was just for household items or random things." But nope, you can buy some great outfits from there as well! Like I've mentioned in some previous posts, when it comes to shopping online, I read all of the reviews first. I will almost never buy something if it doesn't have quality reviews. 9 out of 10 times I'm satisfied with my purchases.

Here are some of my favorite purchases from Amazon, as seen on my personal Instagram. Anything from everyday wear, to evening gowns for special events, to bathing suits! (P.S. the jewelry for my Bridesmaids' were all from Amazon as well):

Crop Top / Cargo Pants Evening Gown Neon Dress

Blue Evening Gown Red Dress Blue Two-Piece

Floral Maxi Dress Snake Skin Bikini White Two-Piece Bikini

Floral Monokini Blue Two-Piece Bikini Neon Orange Bikini

White Monokini Red Two-Piece Overalls

These looks below were also purchased via Amazon, but are no longer available.

I truly hope this reminds everyone out there not to "sleep" on what Amazon Prime can offer. Some of my best last minute outfits have been purchased from there!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend ahead of you.

With Love,

From Bindi

Disclaimer: some of the links in this post are affiliate links, if you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. Please note, I am an independent blogger and the reviews are done based on my own opinions.

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