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Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching, have found your plans as yet? With New York Restaurants set to open for indoor dining just in time for Valentine's Day, it's easy to just make some reservations, but -- what about staying in and getting creative?

Here are a few things you could try at home!

Sip and Paint

If you can't make it to the art studio, bring it home to you! All you need is your drinks of choice and your art materials. Amazon makes it super easy by creating this affordable canvas package, inclusive of paint brushes, paint and three canvases ! Best part is? It's only $20 ! Trust me when I say, girls care more about the thought and effort than the money spent.

Find your materials here:

Movie Night

Netflix and chill, but add a little *spice* to it! Create the ambiance of the movie theatre at home, grab some popcorn, candy and your little popcorn containers.

The part that makes it memorable? Personalized movie tickets! Create them easily, and for free at home, using Canva! All you need to do is print them out and it'll be a keepsake for your shadow box.

Find your materials here:

Restaurant Night [At Home]

This is basically bring the restaurant home, to you! With the exception of having to share your space with strangers. Grab some candles, fancy [disposable] plates [because what's worse than having to wash dishes after?] and order in from your favorite place! Create an at home menu, to spice things up and cheers with your favorite cocktails! If you don't feel like ordering, create your own meal at home and add it to your menu!

Find your materials here:

At Home Mini-Golf

Who doesn't like a round of mini-golf? Or better yet, who doesn't like getting a little competitive with their significant other? You can purchase a super cheap mini-golf kit and create your own game at home!

Find your materials here:

Create Your Own Party

Something my husband loves to do is light his hookan and pretend we're at a hookah lounge, who knew how cheap it is to create a similar ambiance? Add a color changing LED strip light to your tv, play some music videos and smoke the hookah! Ways to jazz it up? Create a creative "lounge" name, add a menu of hookah flavors, grab some bottles for bottle service!

Find your materials here:

Whatever you choose to do, just remember it's not about the money spent or gifts bought, it's about the thought! The effort put into the special evening matters. People won't remember the $100 spent at dinner, but they will remember the time they had movie night at home!

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