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Hello to everyone out there reading this! If you saw my recent post about being mindful of the things you say to others, I just wanted to piggyback off that sentiment!

I was truly honored and humbled from all of the AMAZING feedback I received from all of the beautiful women who follow me. Some of them truly touched my soul. One thing I took away from it all was the mere fact that, you cannot let one bad apple spoil the bunch, because for that one negative comment, I received so many positive messages, and for that I am truly so grateful. I believe sometimes when you put yourself out there for the public it’s assumed you’re supposed to have thick skin for instances like this. In my opinion, that’s a cop-out. Why should any of us need thick skin for people who are clearly insensitive. Why should anyone be given an excuse to be nasty? What I’ve observed for the longest is that with all the awesome outlets that social media has given us, it’s also given people the courage to share their unwarranted opinions. And when it comes to “ignoring” the negatives, it’s often easier said than done, simply because the negatives are so rare, they actually stick with you. I had so many conversations with awesome women who shared the same sentiment, out of all the positive feedback they’ve received on certain things, that one negative comment stuck with them, no matter how much time had passed.

I think it’s so important for all of us, no matter gender or age to think twice when it comes to sharing a negative opinion. So many people cover up their “opinions” by saying “I’m just being honest “ or “I keep it real” when in fact it’s the exact opposite. If you’re honesty comes at the cost of others, you should re-evaluate the way you express yourself. While we are all without a doubt entitled to our opinions, what makes it necessary for you to voice it, if it involves putting others down? I’m not going to lie, we are all guilty of judging certain things, getting annoyed with certain things or feeling a type of way about certain things, but it costs you nothing to keep that opinion to yourself (or to your local group chat).  

So many people are afraid to venture out and try new things, start new businesses or start new crafts, simply because they are afraid of judgment from others. Why can’t we allow people to do whatever the heck makes them happy?  Even after all of the support I get about my blogs, I still second guess myself before I post! I still have my friends read my drafts just for the fact, I myself am nervous about what others may think. Whether you want to try indulging in makeup, cooking, party planning, doing Tik-Tok dances, selling hair products, whatever the case may be, I believe if you’re spending your time watching the journey of these individuals, just to have a negative comment, then you’re investing your own energy into it as well. Imagine if you invested that time and energy into something productive, for yourself! At the end of the day, like the old saying goes, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all", and if you do feel the. need to share your opinion, at least make sure its constructive criticism. How can your feedback help the person reading it?  

To everyone reading this, the next time you choose to express how you feel on a public forum about what someone else chooses to do, think about whether this is adding anything useful into the world. It’s fairly simple, if it doesn’t affect your life, your pockets, or your health, you shouldn’t be investing time into it.

Hope you all have an awesome day!

With Love,

From Bindi

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