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Welcome back everyone! Officially week one of the New Year!! Now that the holidays are over, I've been reflecting over the amazing adventures of 2019 that truly brought a smile to my face. I shared a lot of great memories with many amazing souls, traveled to new places, and ate a ton of good food. Here are a few of some of my favorite moments from last year! 

Although the new year started last week, it mentally started for me, yesterday. It's the first week of the new year and my first week back to work! In my opinion, the new year often puts unnecessary stress on ourselves. I found myself feeling super anxious the first few days. I kept overthinking what to expect this year (and wondering what if 2020 will be crappy, since 2019 was good to me). After having a few "what do you wish to achieve in 2020" conversations, it really gave me that push I needed to stop talking about things, and just start doing them. 

To my fellow friends: Do you ever get scared about being too happy, because you think something bad will happen? Well I finally got over that funk as I decided to set some "goals" for 2020.

My 2020 Goals

For me, 2020 is about personal goals, rather than life goals. I think what's hardest about maintaining "resolutions" is the fact that too often we create these grand life goals, but don't focus on the small personal goals that are needed to achieve the bigger dream.  While I do have larger goals I'd like to aim for, I thought it would be good to start off small, so I won't be too hard on myself. It's easy to compare how your life is going when you see others thriving, but try to remember comparison is the thief of joy, we all have different winning seasons. Here are my goals for this new year:

  • Start a blog - as I mentioned before, I always wanted to start a blog but was also super hesitant. Do I have anything of value to share? Do people even care to read what I'm writing? I'm just one little person in the grand scheme of things, what do I really have to offer? Well, if I don't complete any of my other goals for 2020, at least I accomplished this one. I wanted an outlet to simply share the cool things I experience, with others. Want to know where I bought that new outfit? You got it! Interested in a new date-night spot? Here you go. Feeling anxious? Me too! Sometimes you feel like you can't relate to anyone, and I hope readers leave with a feeling of "okay, there's someone out there that I can relate to also."  

  • Use the word "no" more often: I am a people pleaser, while I made some incredible memories in 2019, I also pushed my body and energy to it's limits. This year will be all about making sure I'm good, ensuring my energy is well protected and understanding it's totally okay to take a rain check on things sometimes, there will be other times, I will not let FOMO get the best of me! (Plus I'll be able to save more money, duh!) 

  • Take better care of my mind, body and soul: for those of you who know me, my diet consists of the three P's - Popeyes, Pasta and Potatoes. This year, I'd like to step out of my comfort zone and introduce more veggies into my diet. I've recently started swapping my morning bagel and coffee with kale-and-green apple juices. I also even started eating carrots and broccoli here and there, well lets just say I've been eating one carrot, and one piece of broccoli, so let me not get ahead of myself but, small wins right?! They say your body is a temple and you should treat it like one. Although I think I'm feeding myself gold with those Popeye's chicken tenders every week, I do know I need to cut back. 

  • Travel to Europe: This is the year I want to get over my fear of flying long distances and go to Europe! I'd love to take photos in Paris and eat some pasta in Italy! Will I finally plan the trip and go, or will my flying induced anxiety get the best of me? Let's see what happens!

  • Stop letting fear get the best of me: Bouncing from the topic above, I overthink, and am super anxious, ALL THE TIME. I talk myself out of doing new things and trying new things on a daily. I can't tell you the amount of things I haven't done, simply because I spent so much time inside my own head. This year I'd like to overthink a little less, and do a little more. I need to change my mindset from "what if this doesn't work out" to imagining the possibilities to come, when it does work out. 

  • Finish the sequel to Good Morning Mr. Penguin: The thinking, writing and illustrating process is daunting and I find myself watching hours of tutorials online about how to draw cartoon characters. I'll be honest, while this is a goal for me, I'm still not sure on how set I am to actually achieving it . I want to create a sequel, but I don't want to rush the process. I want it to reach my readers on another level than Good Morning Mr.Penguin did.  

In 2020, be proud of every small win, and on certain days, it's okay to be proud if all you did was get out of bed. Wishing an amazing year ahead to you all and hope you make your vision board come to life! I want to hear about all your goals for 2020 *small or big, feel free to leave it in the comments below. 

With Love,

From Bindi

Outfit Details Dress: SHEIN Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory

Side Note - I wouldn't be me, if I didn't end up with a rip in my stockings

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