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Happy Monday, President's Day and for the teachers out there, cheers to Mid-Winter Recess! I definitely have a case of the Monday's after an amazing and eventful weekend, but I'm finding peace in knowing it's a three day work week for me!

Today I wanted to shine some light on mental health and self care. Not the kind of self care that involves a mask and a bubble bath, but the kind that involves finding time for yourself in between the hustle and bustle of being a working student, working spouse, or working parent. When was the last time you took a mental health day? How often do you find yourself overworked with your body on "empty"? As usual I was scrolling on Instagram and read a quote that said "Life is too short, take your PTO today," and it made me think, when did I last take a day off, just because? I've realized that aside from a vacation, the only time I actually use my PTO is when I'm sick, or have to run an errand during the week that couldn't be scheduled during the weekend. Otherwise weekdays are all about work. When it comes to scheduling those doctor appointments on the weekdays I'm also super hesitant, as if I'm not entitled to that day off, as if I don't already work my butt off!

I think we need to learn it's okay to step away from work for one day and take care of ourselves. Yes, there's the weekend, but how often do you actually utilize the weekend to decompress and reset? There is actually nothing better than finding a day during the week to just do something for you. Yes, I totally understand work is a priority for all of us, but at what cost? When we overextend and overwork ourselves, not only does our body suffer, but so do our relationships. The office will not stop because you decided to take a day for yourself and the world will not end!

I'm speaking to those like myself, who often feel guilty to take the day off, who force themselves out of bed even when they're feeling under the weather and who never seem to have "time". At the end of the day, the company you work for will move forward with, or without you. So why not try to prioritize yourself as well. Play "hookie" as I like to call it, and find something fun to do, share an experience with someone, or stay at home and binge watch some Netflix in your blanket burrito. Having that one day to yourself will do wonders for your mental health, and to be quite honest with the world we live in, we need those moments now more than ever. Stop waiting for tomorrow and do it today!

With Love,

From Bindi

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