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Happy Monday Everyone! It’s week four of working from home and while I am thankful for having a job during this difficult time, I am finding it difficult to separate myself between work and home. I’ll find myself on the couch and a feeling of instant dread will come over me because, for a second I glanced over to my “work from home” station and instantly, the thoughts of all the things I have to do on Monday pop into my head. To avoid this, I’ve been staying off of my laptop unless it’s a weekday, and I’ve been finding things to do on the weekends, that differentiate from my routine on the weekdays. For instance having “brunch” at home on Saturday and catching an afternoon Sunday nap. I've also been trying to spruce up my cooking skills. This past Sunday I tried my first attempt at Eggplant Curry and roti, along with making a pizza from scratch (with homemade dough). The curry was great, but the pizza definitely needed some yeast, but it was still DELICIOUS. While I still try to make the best of the abundance of time that I now have, I still understand it’s okay if all I want to do is lay in bed once my chores are over. Sometimes being mentally exhausted tires you out more than being physically exhausted, and right now being in my own head is making me pretty exhausted all around.

I never thought I’d miss the hustle and bustle of the MTA and traveling to the city everyday for work. But it’s so true, you often crave the little things. One thing that probably sounds so silly but is so true, is my yearning for some New York Coffee! The kind from the deli on the corner store, extra light and sweet, just how I like it. I think THAT might be the first thing I get once all of this is over. The first couple weeks of working from home seemed fun, and like a breath of fresh air. To have the luxury of being able to be safely at home but also have a job. Entering week four of this has made me a bit stir crazy. I crave the fresh air and outdoors (even thought it’s driving my allergies crazy). I’m truly hoping an end is near for all of this, because as chaotic as my life was pre-COVID, I truly miss it! What I’m also realizing is, I have zero leisure clothes, so it seems like I’m either dressed up and ready to go somewhere or sleeping, because that’s all I have! Maybe this will be the week that I invest in some “comfy” clothes so I look less hobo-chic. Hoping you all get through this week as best as you can. It’s also Holy Week, so I’m looking forward to getting dressed in my Easter best and heading to the couch for our online Easter Worship. Hope you all have a great day! 

With Love, From Bindi

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